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We are premium suppliers of superior quality Raw skins, Wet and dry salted Hides of different animals

We source,process and supply donkey hides, sheep skin, goat skin, buffalo hides,horse skin,cow hides,dry salted donkey hides, reptile hides and more

Our vast network is constantly working to bring more material in stock in efforts to constantly meet the demands of our buyers all over the world

Including producers, processors, brokers and dealers – we regularly export a great percentage of Africa’s production of these products and are one of the top raw material suppliers to the global leather manufacturing industry

Since 3000 BC when horse and donkey came into existence, they are domesticated for different purposes. Donkey, since then has shared human burdens and are quite adaptable to changes, therefore, found in every corner of the world. At present, donkeys are no more just as burden carriers but are used for their medical assistance in keeping the human population young and charming. Countries are learning the importance of dried salted donkey hides and eventually trading with donkey hides exporters for best quality donkey hides

In different parts of the world, donkey meat is cherished and this favorably produces skin as a by-product. This skin is again used as raw material in different industries to serve their requirements, such as for leather product manufacture and for medicinal use. Therefore, dried and wet salted donkey hides are available as a whole with limbs, tails, ears, legs and heads

The varieties available in the market offers a wide supply of skin and hides


   100% Machine Flayed

   Available in one piece including head, ears, legs, limbs, and tail*  

 No chances of humps, ticks or scratches

   No issues related to cuts, holes, and reheats

   Absolutely impurity free (No mud, sand dust fats, meats or foreign objects)

   0% washing water availability

   Average weight is between 7 to 8 kilograms

   Average size remains between 17 to 20 square feet

  Presence of rotten hides in null and so is mule No hair slip problem

*   Applied salt is edible


We know the nature of business, hence we always have enough stock from the slaughterhouse and the house is incorporated with all advanced equipment to make the work smooth and easy for arrival of hides in perfect condition, salt process is done with perfection and to cover long distances, refrigerated containers are available

All the above-mentioned points will help you gain an overall idea regarding the salted donkey hides sales procedure


Salted & Non Salted Donkey Skins

Salted & Non Salted Cow Skin

Salted & Non Salted Horse Skin

Salted & Non Salted Sheep Skin

Salted & Non Salted Goat Skins

Salted & Non Salted Reptiles Skins

Salted & Non Salted Buffalo Skin

We guarantee the finest quality hides with the most competitive prices

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