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We are certain that great coffees come from many origins around the world, but we are passionate and proud that many of the world’s finest coffees are grown here in the  African continent, the birthplace of coffee

We have a strong supply capacity for top quality Arabica and Robusta of African origin. Our supply outlets spread around east, west, and Kenya

We supply

Raw coffee beans

Light roasted coffee beans

Dark roasted coffee beans

Medium roasted coffee beans

Regular ground coffee

Classic ground coffee

Platinum ground coffee

Green tea

Black tea

Coffees from Africa are some of the best coffee beans available. Over the years we have offered coffee beans from many African countries

With due assistance and knowledge of diligent professionals, we are capable of making available Robusta coffee beans in the international market. In order to meet ever evolving requirements of the clients, we have installed a capacious storage facility. This unit helps us in keeping stock of products in different grades and specifications


 Fresh and healthy

   Organically grown

   Nicely packed

Our products are completely manufactured using raw supplies to make sure they adhere to global management standards of quality. We understand that chemical and physical invasions can cause damage to products and hamper their quality. Thus, we ensure our products are packed securely using premium packaging materials

You can order freshly roasted coffee beans from us as well as a broad selection of coffee makers, coffee grinders, and accessories delivered by courier anywhere in the country and in the world at large

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